Friday, June 2, 2017

Call to Action: St. Louis Pride Board Decision to Exclude Police, First Responders, Federal Law Enforcement and Veterans from the 2017 Pride Parade

Dear Friends:

The decision by the St. Louis Pride Board to exclude law enforcement, first responders and in extension Veterans is inexcusable, inconsistent with the
values of love and inclusion that represent the essence of the LGBT

Further, their recent decision to try to "fluff" up this
horrendous action by simply saying community leaders will lead the
celebratory parade and law enforcement groups, first responders and
Veterans may participate "if sponsored by an LGBT group" is disheartening,
and a spit in the face of my honorable service as an LGBT Veteran and all
who have and continue to serve our communities and country.

_"If they cannot see and respect the service of myself, law enforcement and_
_first responders without putting forth a caveat, perhaps the now board_
_members of the ST. Louis Pride Board not be involved in further parade_
_efforts at all. This action not only will increase tensions, but has the_
_potential to jeopardize our safety by giving those of hate encouragement, not to mention to real possibility of severely damaging long standing corporate relations, political alliances and the security of our LGBT youth in the halls and in our neighborhoods" Mike Evans_

Call to Action: I invite all concerned parties with an eye on the future to sincerely call upon the St. Louis Pride Board to correct this decision immediately without hesitation, and with the honor and dignity owed to those in service in our communities and around the world.

Michael W. Evans, Ed.S.


Mike Evans, Ed.S.
US Army Veteran

Veterans Military Families Council
Midwest Region
Diversity Chair


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