Mike on the issues

The Economy, Healthcare and the Middle Class

  • I believe first and foremost in the growth and prosperity of the middle class. 
  • I fully support living wages for our working class families, the expansion of medicaid to ease the burden on our low income households, and further expansion of "main street" businesses.
  • I am strongly oppose the oxymoronic policy of right to work and would support legislation to maintain and expand the reach of the NLRB.
  • I support restructuring and fixing the ACA and believe health care is a fundamental right as Americans.
  • I also believe in the continued relationship of the federal and state government working together to maintain and bring new opportunities to our state, and to work with both the business community and the working class to ensure Missouri's 2nd congressional district and is preparing, maintaining and attracting the industries of necessity and those in the emerging future. 

Public Education, Vocational Training and Student Debt

  • As a national award winning educator, I believe in our public schools. I believe in the strength of local control, and would never support any effort that would mean delaying or reducing funding for our public schools.
  • I believe that we must deal with the alarming amount of debt our young adults are incurring just to complete a basic level of post secondary education.
  • I also strongly support the voice of our teachers, and believe they should be allowed to teach more and test less. 
  • I would introduce legislation to eliminate the majority of burdensome state standardized tests and focus school standards on our two nationally accepted tests: the ACT and SAT. 
  • I would introduce legislation that further expands opportunities for students to seek vocation programs -both at the secondary and post secondary levels in conjunction with union apprenticeships,  VA-Vocational Ed, and DOL retraining and reentry programs. 
  • I will personally deliver an empty box to Betsy DeVos so she can kindly round up her personal items on her way out the door. 

Veterans and Military

  • As a LGBT US Army Veteran, I will continue to fight for all who have fought for their country and have zero tolerance for members of Congress who wrap themselves in the flag yet fail to deliver for the VA like Rep. Ann Wagner and President Trump.
  • I would immediately introduce legislation to override President Trump's order of discrimination against transgender Americans serving in our armed forces. 
  • I would immediately call for the resignation of the St. Louis Director of the Regional VA Office and introduce legislation to create a national Veterans food pantry and immediate assistance program for Veterans who fall by the way side while seeking their rightful disability and compensation.
  •  I will call for the immediate re-authorization of the AUMF and support the strengthening of our armed forces and crack down on the defense contracting oligopoly participants that do not embrace fair labor standards.  


  • My greatest champion was my grandmother, and our seniors have my gratitude and honor that we will fix social security, make medicare affordable and increase penalties for rogue company's and individuals  who seek to take advantage of our senior citizens. 

Environmental Policy

  • I am a strong supporter of keeping our environment healthy for our children and would support any effort to undue the damaging policies of President Trump.
  •  I would introduce legislation to establish an official commission on the expiration of our fresh water supply and introduce legislation to limit and punish local water boards from price gouging and unfair rate increases.
  • Renewable energy!

Reproductive Health

  •  I believe that everyone is created equally, no person has the right to judge another, especially when it comes to a Woman's right to choose and reproductive healthcare. Ann Wagner and her cronies have taken the issue of choice and made it into a tool to project hate and to shame woman, and that is wrong. 
  • I support the Missouri Woman of NARAL and further, I support the continued funding and vital health services of Planned Parenthood, and I will fight the bullies and stand against hate filled legislation.